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Want to sell a car?

World Navi Co.,Ltd is also willing to buy cars from corporations and individuals.
We handle complicated processes that accompany buying and selling.
Even old models can be sold to those who want them. So, please do not hesitate to inquire with us.

  • We buy various types of cars.

    We buy all types of vehicles, such as cars for private or business use, cars used at a driving school, or even a bus. We also buy special vehicles such as construction machineries. Our direct sales network around the world enables us to buy your car at a high price.

  • Transactions can be done in cash.

    We are flexible about terms of payment.

  • Any signs or marks on the car body will be erased.

    Company names and/or telephone numbers imprinted on the car will completely be erased before shipment so that private information will be protected.

  • We will do all the complicated procedures.

    We will handle all the procedures necessary for the cancellation of each car’s Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificate registration or the actual export. You will not have to deal with them.