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Business description


Adding trust to speed and quality "The only one" to the customer

World Navi Co.,Ltd pursues both speed and quality.
Our business policy is to make every single transaction of the car a satisfactory experience for both the seller and the buyer.

  • Receiving orders from customers

    We receive inquiries from customers all over the world regarding type, grade, model, mileage, and body color. We respond to either a detailed inquiry, or an inquiry simply referring to the type or the grade of a car.

  • Searching the Right Vehicles

    We search the vehicle from the updated database. We will make a list of the candidate cars from the main auction houses or our own dealers’ network throughout Japan to satisfy your needs.

  • Assessment

    Each car goes through a careful assessment process after being purchased. We have our automobile mechanics with national license stationed throughout the country. They examine each of the candidate cars carefully, and choose ones with high quality.

  • Purchase

    Our purchasing staff will examine the condition of each candidate car at the site. The car will be purchased at an appropriate price.

  • Service / Maintenance

    After the purchased car is assessed by our staff, it is washed and maintained, if necessary, it will be repaired at our own workshop, and the car will be thoroughly conditioned.

  • Paperwork / Formalities

    All the complicated procedures such as cancellation of each car’s Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificate registration and custom procedures will be taken care of by our experts.

  • Shipment

    The cars will be shipped from Kobe and other 5 Japanese ports at anytime. We have speedy service for shipment, making full use of our domestic operation network.

  • After Service

    We will provide you with a high-quality after service. Setting up our branches in different countries enables us to serve each customer, as well as provide the necessary auto parts. We have a system to ship your order quickly.